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Z Beamlet

Z Beamlet
Z-Beamlet is a large aperture, high energy laser at Sandia National Laboratory. The lasers primary mission is to radiograph experiments at the adjacent Z accelerator facility. The laser beam is transported almost 200 feet from the Z-Beamlet building to the Z accelerator where it is focused onto a target foil to produce a short burst of high energy x-rays that are used to image details of experiments performed on the Z accelerator.


Short Pulse

Short Pulse
Consider all the light, that the sun sheds on the entire area of Texas and New Mexico on a sunny afternoon in July. A Petawatt laser provides the same flux of light! Well- admittingly the pulse is so short that the magnitude of its duration escapes the human imagination. Still, this extremely intense burst of coherent light can be focused to a spot smaller than the thickness of a human hair.


OSF: Z-Beamlet Laser Large Optics Coating Operation and Optics Support Facility
Laser generated proton beams show a variety of interesting properties: superior emittance, high currents, spatial profile, and high energies.


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